Our daughter Katie started the Ketogenic  diet on July 8, 2008. She was 3 1/2 years old, had failed four medicines and was still having uncontrolled seizures. When the doctors recommended the diet we didn't hesitate; we were scared to try it but even more scared not to try it. 

We had read the books, the blogs, and seen the movie, but we wished we had seen what it was really like to prepare a keto meal. Finding good meals that your child likes is KEY to success on this diet. We want to help other families and decided to post some videos to help people gain better insight into what Ketogenic meal prep is really like.  It is 100% worth the effort.   

Let us know if you have questions, thoughts or recipes!

Please note: All recipes are based on our daughter's ratio and calorie allotment. Please check with your dietitian if you have questions about ingredients or need help creating this meal per your child's diet and ratio. 

Scrambled Eggs

Eggs, mixed well
Bacon (Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked)
Strawberries or other fruit
Keto Ice Cream


Cathy said...

I am so loving this video clip! A thousand fantastic tips! "Clean plate ranger." "Katie's Scooper." Premade icecreams. Precooked bacon. Love your binder format. I would love to see more about your binder format vs. mine. Maybe I might tweek mine to incorporate some of your ideas! Your family is terrific! So glad to be your keto friends!

Jennybell said...

That must be my scales cousin! I ours has a round top and yours looks square.
My daughter started the diet Oct 2008. Just today I tried the yogurt recipe from the yahoo support group site and it is good. It's Dannon light and fit carb control yogurt, cream, cream cheese and coconut oil. It is good! A nice all in one meal